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Revenge begets revenge

Teaser Trailer

Official Teaser Trailer for Rendel The Movie (2016). Rendel will be the first Finnish superhero movie.

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Making "Rendel"

Have a glance at the latest behind the scenes photos of our production.

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Rendel goes Cannes

To honor the anniversary we have some breaking news for you fans: Rendel will make an appearance in Cannes Film Festival 2015!

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Rendel the movie

Rendel is a comic character created by the director Jesse Haaja 15 years ago in Finland. Now, over a decade after the first sketches, the masked avenger is about to hit the cinemas. Rendel will be the first Finnish superhero movie ever and it has already drawn a great deal of attention and positive fan feedback.

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Cast and crew

Director Jesse Haaja
Co-Director Manu Eloaho
Director of photography Henrik Mennander
Writer Jere Koistinen
Music by Tiko Lasola

Created by Jesse Haaja
Copywriter Joel Niemi
Still photography Juuli Aschan
Coordinator Jutta Ritvanen
Costume designer Lea Pun

Kris Gummerus (Rendel)
Matti Onnismaa (Mr.Erola)
Rami Rusinen (Rotikka “Rotick”)
Alina Tomnikov (Marla)
Minttu Tamski (Anette)
Roosa-Maria Mäkinen (Enni)

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