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RENDEL is a Finnish superhero film to be released in 2017. It is the very first full-length superhero film from Finland, and introduces world a completely new superhero Rendel. Rendel’s way to the big screen has been long, but certain. The beginning of the story goes way back to the Director Jesse Haaja’s schoolboy years.

The superhero was born 17 years ago when Haaja scratched down the first drafts of his own comic character. The idea of a dark superhero and a branch around it had been planted. Through the years the idea kept developing and strengthening in Haaja’s mind, but stayed, more or less, as a distant dream. The young schoolboy didn’t know then that one day he would be presenting his superhero to the film professionals all over the world in the Cannes Film Festival.

In March 2013 on his 30th birthday, Haaja sat home with a glass of whiskey, and without thinking further, decided this was the time to make a superhero film. Nowadays a successful entrepreneur with his own advertising company, Haaja was in front of a completely different kind of a field, filmmaking. The first idea of a short film quickly escalated towards an ambitious script of a full-length action feature.

In May 2015 the appearance in Cannes Film Festival became true. Haaja had managed to gather a big bunch of professionals and supporters to develop the film within a short notice. A need for a mind-blowing launch soon came up bringing a kick-ass idea: an international launch in Cannes during the film festival.

The film festival was a real kick-off for the project bringing a distributor and one of the co-producers on board, and also a huge visibility among hardcore film professionals. After this the production of the film could really begin with credibility taken to the next level – and if everything goes as planned, last scenes of the film will be shot right before the next visit to Cannes.


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